About Us

The Estate Agency Business has Changed

Gone are the days where buyers or tenants walk into a shop to register their details. After being in the business for over 25 years, we know!

With 95% of people starting their search online, property websites are the new agency shop window, but when over 30% of agreed transactions are falling through, there must be something missing!
At Cow & Co we know that putting your property online and agreeing a price is the easy part, but getting it through to completion is a far more specialised task.

An online agent may take you as far as agreeing a price, while a traditional agent provides a full service throughout, but one provides intermittent services and the other charges an extortionate fee for the privilege.

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So what is the answer? HYBRID

Bridging the gap between online agents and traditional, high street agents. Cow & Co provides a full service achieving the best possible price for your property for the most competitive fee. Finally, an agency that takes the best of both – the things we like about an online agent (the fee!), the things we like about a traditional agent (the service), and ditch the rest!

How do we operate?

Specialist roles at Cow & Co mean you are talking to an expert in their field every time.

The Hub

Our base where we deal with all property marketing, management, enquiries, offers, reporting and sales progression. Think of this as your second home!

Valuing Agent

Seasoned and truly local professionals who work in close conjunction with The Hub to make sure you receive the best support and results for the sale or let of your home. They are the best of the best that London agents have to offer.

Viewing Agent

Dynamic, local and experienced sales agents who accompany all viewings and excel in extracting offers. Rest assured, they are every bit as friendly as they are ambitious!

Referral Agent

Our local eyes and ears! Those who know someone who may be selling or letting and recommend Cow & Co to help assist their transaction. There is something in it for the referrer and referee!

Why people like us



Fixed and competitive fees that don’t vary person to person



Open 8am-10pm, 7 days a week



Lived and worked in the area for over 12 years



Over 25 years combined experience in successful London transactions



Governed by the strictest codes of practice